Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Connecticut Wander: Rattlesnake Mountain

Yesterday, Kathy and I hiked to the summit of Rattlesnake Mountain from Plainville CT.  I have seen the mountain many times when I drove down Route 6 in Farmington.  It looked interesting, but I could never figure out the location of the trail head.  Kathy did a little investigating, and she found directions for the trail head beginning in Plainville on the left side near the end of Metacomet Road.

Standing upon Pinnacle Rock at the offers a beautiful view of downtown Hartford.

To the rolling hills in Meridan.

We kept hiking north on the trail and came to a rock formation with a cave.  The sign said it was once Will Warren's Den.  Legend has it that 300 years ago he was flogged for missing church and steeling sheep.  He then tried to burn down the town and fled to the cave on Rattlesnake Mountain.  He was aided by 2 Native American women to avoid capture, and lived the rest of his life on the mountain with the cave as his home.

We hiked to the Farmington side of the mountain and then backtracked on the trail to return to our car, about 2.6 miles round trip.  The hike is fairly strenuous and it is part of the Metacomet Trail.

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  1. I tried adding a comment - no idea if it stuck:) so I will try again...

    Found your blog searching for Hospital Rock near Will Warren's Den - didn't find the rock but had a nice hike. Need to research and try again.

    Enjoyed reading your other messages - do you have any of that beer left??? :)

    Perhaps will run into you somewhere on a trail.