Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Killington's Biggest Fan

What can I say, I am one of Killington's biggest fans.  Killington has done a great job making and maintaining snow regardless of what MN (that's mother nature) has thrown at the Beast this ski season.  If you look at national snow reports, you can see most the country is lacking in the white stuff. It has been an odd winter. In fact most people I talk to are still waiting for winter to really begin. 

The conditions yesterday at Killington were wonderful. I skied from 9 AM until 3 PM with only one short break, and I don't think I skied the exact same run combination twice. Yes I stayed on mostly groomers, but those groomers had a nice layer of corduroy in the morning, and they stayed pretty much snow covered all day long. I even found a couple little bump runs that had some nice snow to turn on.

I left my home mountain twice this year, due to peer pressure, to ski with friends at Mount Snow and Okemo.  I had fun both days hanging out with my friends, but the conditions and available terrain were marginal.  I went home at the end of each day with my love for the Beast reaffirmed, and with an even greater appreciation of our available terrain and snow quality.  It will take a lot to pry me off my home mountain again this season, but go ahead and try.

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