Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Killington Muse: Holiday Week And Where Is Everyone?

Today was a beautiful ski day.  I took my first run at 8 AM under a blue sky, no wind, temp around 20*F, with out another skier on a run of fresh corduroy.  Now I'm not complaining, but all morning there was hardly anyone on the trails.  It is a holiday week.  I expected crowds, but found a lighter then average Tuesday.

Well, maybe I'm complaining just a little.  I ended up skiing alone, except for an occassional chat with someone on a chair lift or gondola.  Many of my local friends have black out passes which aren't valid during holiday weeks.  It gets lonely skiing alone.  If you love to ski and you are looking for the best ski conditions in the east, come join me this week at Killington.  I would love the company.

Photos taken around 10:45 AM

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