Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wonder: Giving back to the Farmington Valley Greenway

In earlier posts I mentioned the devastation Winter Storm Alfred reeked on Connecticut.  The storm was named for Alfred Hitchcock since it occurred over Halloween Weekend.  Aptly named since by the end of the storm, the state looked like something from one of his movies.

The day after the storm the 42 miles of the Farmington Valley portion of the East Coast Greenway  was closed due to down trees and power lines.  My thanks to the amazing volunteers of the different Rail to Trail organizations and Bike Walk CT who worked hard to reopen them.  An amazing feat.  I am proud to say I was one of those volunteers on Wednesday working in Avon to get the last segment of the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail reopened. When we arrived there were at least 3 huge trees blocking the trail, along with miscellaneous large branches.

photo via Bike Walk CT Facebook Page

Pete and Charlie Clearing a tree from the trail
Rick draggin a branch from the trail

In less the two hours we had the trail cleared, and the last segment of the 42 mile trails from New Haven to the Massechusetts border were open.

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