Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back on Snow at Last

Finally after a busy couple of weeks I am finally back doing what I love to do most...  Skiing.  Today was a glorious day.  The sun was shining, temps mid 30's to low 40's, snow hardpack to man-made powder under the guns. 

View from the K1 Gondola on My First Ride Up for the Season

Cruiser Run Down Great Northern

I have to admit, I am always nervous my first day back on the snow.  The first couple of runs I had a little trouble with my skis.  I had had them tuned at the end of last season, and I kept feeling them catch at the tips and tails.  Luckily I was skiing with my friend Jeff, who happens to be an expert ski tuner.  He had his soft Gummy Stone in his pocket and he "detuned" them at the initial contact points - a couple of inches down from the tips and tails.*  It made all the difference.  After that I felt my ski mojo return, and I was gliding and smiling all the way down. 

Ahhh, my winter affair with the Killington begins again.

*11/24/11 Correction:   He didn't use a Gummy Stone, that is what the ski shop sold me when I asked for a pocket stone to detune my skis.  He says a Gummy Stone is good for getting a little rust off the edges of skis.  He used a Carborundum Stone, which is harder and more abrasive.  Much more effective in wearing down the edge of the tip and tail of an overtuned ski.  He suggested buying a pocket stone with a case, since it is abrasive and could wear a hole through my pocket.

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