Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vermont Wander: Pico Adventure Center

Last weekend I again ventured up to Vermont for some summer fun.  I met up with my Killington friends for our mid-summer reunion.  As we looked up at the mountains, some of us wanted the adrenaline rush of schussing down the mountain.  Skiing was definitely out.  I suggested riding the Alpine Slide at Pico's Adventure Center.  The activities at PAC are an included benefit as a Killington Season Ski Pass Holder.

On Saturday morning we headed over to Pico, and we flew down the Alpine Slide laughing and wohooing all the way.  It was the closest thrill to skiing we could get in early August.

Braking at the end of the Alpine Slide

After 3 runs down the slide we moved on to the Pico Power Jump.  We were attached to a bungee cord, with the tension electronically adjusted, as we jumped on a trampoline.  It is harder than it looks.  It takes quite a bit effort to jump hard enough to keep touching the trampoline mat and not just float above it.  Some of the more experienced jumpers could do flips and various tricks.  I didn't, but it was still a blast.

We didn't have the time to explore all of the adventures at Pico, but it would be fun to return and adventure some more.

*photos curtousy of Rob K.

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