Saturday, May 21, 2011

National Bike to Work Day

May is National Bike Month, and yesterday was National Bike to Work Day.  I gathered with other Connecticut Cyclist at Blue Back Square in West Hartford at 7 AM to ride to the Capitol in support of a bike friendly Connecticut.  The event was sponsored by Bike/Walk Connecticut.

After a light breakfast provided by local businesses and a couple of motivating speeches, we departed at 7:30 am for our 3.4 mile ride to the capitol. It only took 10 minutes. It takes me longer to drive there and find parking. Pretty cool.

It was inspiring to be on the steps of the capitol with a couple hundred cyclists, to petition for our cause.  At the rally, I found out Connecticut is ranked 40th nationally for bike friendly states.  Our goal was to encourage the state and local governments to make Connecticut more bike friendly.  Just think of the benefits if more people used their bikes for routine commuting; decrease use gas and oil, save money, less pollution, healthier citizens, and better community.

Daniel C. Esty, Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection road his bike from Chester CT to join us at Blue Back Square, then continued with us to the Capitol.  In his speech at the Capitol,  He gave the quote to some up the day;  "Any day that begins with a bike ride is a good day."

Added 6/14/11 courtesy of Bike/Walk CT's Facebook page
National Strategies for Advancing Bicycle Safety  Proposed by the League of American Bicyclists:

Goal #1 Motorists Will Share the Road
Goal #2 Bicyclists Will Ride Safely
Goal #3 Bicyclists Will Wear Helmets
Goal #4 The Legal System Will Support Safe Bicycling
Goal #5 Roads and Paths Will Safely Accommodate Bicycling

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  1. The League of American Bicyclists have posted the new rankings for bicycle friendly states and CT has moved up to 21st. Woo Hoo!