Monday, May 23, 2011

Meetup: River and Shore Kayak-r's of CT

I have been in the shadows of a few Meetup Groups for the past two years.  Monitoring their events, but never attending.  Yesterday I attended my first Meetup group, the River and Shore Kayak-r's of CT. is a website that lists interest and activity groups.  Most groups are open to the general public, a few a closed and by invitation only.  You can find/start/sponsor a group by interest and/or zip code. 

What finally motivated me to join and attend this group?  I bought a new kayak last week.  The Heritage 9.5 Featherlite.  I wanted to take it out on its maiden voyage, and I didn't want to take it out alone. 

Low and behold the day I bought the kayak, there was an email from AL-R inviting me to a kayak Meetup on Sunday to Willie River put in at Plains Rd, (Eagleville Dam + Upstream) and PotLuck BBQ.  The desire to kayak motivated me to check out this group.  

photo via Laura Z

I had a great afternoon, glad I finally came out the shadows to attend this Meetup.  My fellow kayakers were a fun supportive group of people.  Always there to lend a hand.  We had 3 people who kayaks tipped, and someone was there within seconds to help get them out of the water and right their kayak.

Afterward we gathered for a potluck picnic and BBQ. We shared stories, laughs and music. What a wonderful day to end a perfect afternoon.

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