Monday, May 2, 2011

Ground Zero

I awoke this morning in NYC to the news that while I slept, there were celebrations just a block away at Ground Zero.  Osama bin Laden had been killed in an intense firefight in a daring raid, by US Navy Seals at his fortified hideout in Pakistan.  He was the world's most wanted man, and the mastermind behind the horrific 9/11 attacks (via yahoo news).

His death will not bring back the lives of those who died as a result of those attacks, but maybe it will allow a little closure and healing for those left behind.  In memory of that day, I walked to Ground Zero and paid my respect to those that died in the attacks, and the brave heroes that died trying to rescue victims.

Ed, Mary, and Kathy at WTC Visitor Center

Ground Zero View from the World Financial Center

Reporters Broadcasting at the Former Entrance of the World Trade Centers

Ed, Sue, and Mary in Ground Zero in Background

View of the NYC Skyline from the Staten Island Ferry

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