Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wonder: The Ronald MacDonald House

On Monday, I went to Boston with my son Iggy to look at apartments.  In our search for apartments we passed the Ronald MacDonald House on Kent Street in Brookline, MA, just a few blocks from The Children's Hospital in Boston.

RMH brought back a flood of mostly sad memories.  Nine years ago, I only prayed he would be graduating from college, and we would be hunting for an apartment.  At that time, he was battling for his life after a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare and lethal form of lymphoma.  While he was being treated at TCH, RMH was my home.  He was in the hospital for over seven monthes, and when he was initially discharge we stayed at RMH until he was stable enough to return back to our home in CT.

RMH was invaluable to my (and my family's) emotional well being.  I felt so isolated being so far from home without friends or family. It was nice to have a friendly face, sometimes food, and a safe home to escape the stress of the hospital. The staff at RMH and the other parents I met while staying at RMH became my surrogate family/support system. 

RMH is one of my favorite charities.  I commend their efforts and all the volunteers dedicated to their cause.  Thank you.

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