Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunrise Easter Service

This morning I was awakened by a 5 AM phone call from my friend Steve reminding me that I agreed to meet him and Cindy at the base of the Killington Gondola at 6 AM for the Sunrise Easter Service at the Peak Lodge (elevation 4100 ft).  I rolled out of bed and climbed in the shower, downed a cup of coffee, and headed out. 

The service didn't start until 7AM, but last year we arrived at the gondola base at 6:30 AM and we missed the last spot for the service.  Do to space/fire restrictions, it is limited to the first 300 visitors. 

This is the first time in 15 years that I finally made it to the Easter Sunrise Service, and the last time the service will be in the old Peak Lodge.  According to the April 21 issue of The Mountain Times and First Track Online Ski Magazine, the building will be removed this summer.  The lodge was built in 1960 as the return station for the original gondola and a dining center. 

The Skyeship Gondola no longer returns at that point, and the K1 Gondola, a short walk away now services the lodge.  They will keep the buildings original foundation, and rebuild a modern more functional smaller 22,000 sq ft structure in the summer of 2012, with an estimated cost of $7 million.  The new facility will provide vistas of the Adirondack Range in NY, the White Mountains of NH, and the Green Mountains of VT.

I hope to make it to the first Sunrise Service in the new Peak Lodge on Easter of 2013.  Wow that sounds a long way off.

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