Friday, April 1, 2011

Skiing Adventure St. Moritz Switzerland Day 5

We took a bus took a bus to St. Moritz on Thursday.  The skiing was fun, lots of fresh powder, but the visibility was poor.  We missed out on all the incredible views.  The resort starts at 8000 feet and goes up from there.  There is no tree or cliff line to follow so trying to get a sense of direction or baring of where we were on the mountain was a challenge.  We all had some degree of vertigo.  Unfortunately due to the white out conditions we ended up lost, and I didn’t have time to explore the town. 

Getting lost ended up being a fun adventure, and it gave me the confidence to help shepherd 8 other people from our group down the mountain.  We made it down at 3:50 and the bus left back for Bormio at 4. 

That evening, our group of lost adventurers were all starved for dinner.  We had missed lunch while we were lost on the mountain.  The Hotel Larice Bianco, as always did not disappoint.  Every evening dinner started with an appetizer bar of delicious bites of regional cuisine. 

After we were finished with the appetizer course, we were served a choice of a second course of pasta, salad, or soup.  The main course which varied veal, chicken, fish, or pork.  The final course was dessert.  We had a choice of the chef's nightly creation or gelato.  An amazing end to an amazing day.

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