Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Household Hint: Getting Rid of Ants Naturally

The weather has finally turned warm, the flowers are blooming, spring is in the air, and some how the ants are in the house.  There is nothing that will ruin a spring morning quicker than finding ants in the kitchen.  My mom taught me an easy and envirornmentally safe way to get rid of them. Vinegar.  It works better then ant traps or any of the toxic chemicals on the market, with the added bonus of being safe for humans and pets.

As soon as I see those little pests, I watch them for a while and try to figure out where they are coming into my house. I clean all the ant occupied surfaces, as well as to any potential ant entry points with vinegar and don't rinse it off.  I'll repeat this a couple of times during the day, and the following morning.  All foods in my kitchen are placed in plastic bags, jars, plastic containers or in the refridgerator to keep the ants away.

I wipe down the outside of the window or door frame with vinegar as well, if it is the entry point for the ants.  I inspect the outside of house for an external ant source.  I look for rotting wood or plants that might be harboring ants growing against the house.  When I find an external source I remove the source.  If it is a tree branch or shrub, I first try trimming it back away from the house.  If the plant itself is infested, I remove it.

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