Thursday, March 3, 2011

Killington Wander: In Search of the Ledgewood Yurt

I was sitting on the lift with my friends this morning, and Jim brought up the new Ledgewood Yurt.  He wondered where at it is located at Killington, since it isn't visable from any of the regular ski trails. Killington guests are taken by a snowcat driven sled from the Snowshed Base Lodge to a Yurt in the woods.  At the Yurt they are served a five course meal as live saxophone music plays in the background.

Jim has mentioned wondering where the "secret location" of the Yurt a few times this season.  I suggested a snowshoe this afternoon in search of the Yurt.  We narrowed the location down to an area near Snowshed.  I suggested it might be off one of the ski home trails that funnel off the Snowshed Slope.  That is where we began our search.

We wandered up the ski home trail, then up one of the service roads.  We ended up near the Northbrook Lift and decided we over shot our target.  We bushwacked a bit back in the direction we thought it should be, and then we saw it up on the ridge.  We continued to bushwack up the hill until we arrived at the Yurt.

We were close with our guess of the Yurt's location.  It was on Highridge/Fall Line ski home trail.

The way back was much easier following the groomed trail back to the Snowshed Lodge. 

* Ledgewood Yurt update, the dining experience.

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