Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life is Like Tree Skiing

I just finished reading my latest edition of Ski Magazine.  In an article about skiing the trees, three quotes caught my attention and I thought life is like skiing the trees. 

The first quote was by Nick Herrin PSIA National Alpine Team; "If you hit one, it's going to hurt."
The second quote was by Dave Hartley, from the Steamboat Ski School, CO.  "If your eyes are constantly drawn to the trees instead of the paths between them, think of a pair of trees as a doorway.  As you pass through each door, look for the next one."
"When a student isn't distracted by past failures but is focused on progress, the lesson is often far more positive."  Gary Green Stratton Mountain School, VT.

My philosophy about trees skiing and life.  The trees are life's obstacles or challenges.  When we just focus on life's "trees," we often loose perspective and run into them.  It hurts.

Many times, I am fearful when skiing trees in tight challenging terrain.  It has to do with my past falls and crashes.  If I can clear my head of fear, and focus on the skills that were successful on similar runs, I am more likely to ski through each open doorway framed by the trees ahead.  I try to look at the space between life's "trees," and find the opportunities, so my run/life flows smoothly and I'm more likely success a successful run.

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