Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Killington: Favorite Restaurants

My favorite restaurants in Killington:
7.  Sun Up Bakery.  Best bakery, sandwiches and soup.  Take out only.
6.  Liquid Art.  Best coffee and expresso bar.  Nice atmosphere to sit, hang out and enjoy art from local artists
5.  Sushi Yoshi.  Sushi and Hibachi Grill.  Good Asian Food
4.  Wobbly Barn.  Great steak, salad bar, and night club.  Open seasonally.
3.  Lookout Tavern.  Casual, friendly bar, good service, consistantly good food.  Mostly Burgers, salads and bar food.
2.  Choices.  Consistantly good food if you want a real meal, great soups, friendly bar, good service, and atmosphere. 
1.  Hemingways.  The best food, not only at Killington but most anywhere.  High quality service, quiet, informally elegant, mellow atmosphere.

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