Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Warren Miller Muse

I love sitting around with a friends on a winter evening watching ski porn.  What is ski porn you might ask?  It is a movie of skiers (sometimes boarders or other snow sliding objects), skiing down slopes I would only ski in my dreams, and I do dream about skiing steep fresh powder in exotic locations. 

Warren Miller is the ski movie producer that has inspired me the most.  When I watch his films it is like sharing an evening with a kindred spirit.  I love his voice, his quotes and the way he puts his movies together. 

If I ask anybody who learned to ski after the age of five, they can remember their first day of skiing -- what the weather was like, who they went with, what they had for lunch. I believe that's because that first day on skis was the first day of total freedom in their life.  Warren Miller

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