Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Walk at the West Hartford Reservoir

Yesterday I ended my post with the dilemma of resting my back or cross-country skiing today.  I compromised and went for a relaxing four mile walk around the MDC Reservoir in West Hartford.

It is a beautiful gem of nature in the middle of a suburban setting.  This area loved by so many is the center of controversy regarding liability and recreational use of public (quasi public) land.  The issue came into the public spotlight when a cyclist was awarded $2.9 million by the Hartford Superior Court in a law suit against the MDC.  The MDC threatened to close their land to public use. 

The public outcry at the possible closure of these lands was displayed at a meeting I attended at West Hartford Town Hall in July.  Hundreds of supporters for the use of public lands attended the meeting, and many more were turned away at the door.  At the MDC agreed to keep the land open to public use.

Now that the state legislature is back in session Rep. David Baram (D-15th District) plans to head up a committee to draft a law to close this loophole to Restore Recreational Liability Protection for Municipalities.  It is important for all CT residents to contact the State Legislatures to support this effort.  Once their is an official Bill number I will let you know.

By the way, the walk was great for my back. It felt nice an loose afterward.  It was the perfect medicine for my mind, body and soul.

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