Saturday, January 22, 2011

Technolgy Dependent

You may have been wondering where I have been.  I've been in Vermont since Monday, unfortunately I left my computer's power cord adapter in Connecticut.  My BFFE, Lori, was nice enough to drop it in the mail for me on Tuesday morning, sending it Priority Mail through the US Postal Service. 

Today is Saturday, and I am still waiting for it.  So much for 2 day priority delivery service from the USPS.  I have been technology deprived all week, and who knows when and if the cord will arrive, I finally broke down and bought a new one.  I was shocked at the price of the power cord adaptor, but like any techno junkie I paid it.  I need my daily techo fix.

It is amazing how many facets of my life are technology dependent.  I no longer get a newspaper, because I have access to an abundance of news local, national and international at my finger tips from my computer.   Of course the  most important news for me each morning is the Killington ski conditions and weather report.

I follow and handle many of my financial matters online.  I connect with friends via email and facebook.  Of course there is you, my online community that keep me company on lonely winter nights as well.  Ok, I am starting to feeling much better now that I am reconnected to my online world....

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