Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Eve Party Talk: Are Crocs Edible?

Last night while we were celebrating New Year's Eve, someone commented on my crocs and told me they were edible. I made a note to myself to investigate when I returned home.

I am going to back up and explain why I was wearing crocs.  Killington etiquette recommends bringing slippers or a second pair of footwear when visiting someone's house.  The ground is usually muddy or snowy in the winter, and it would be rude to track this into their home.  So we change shoes at the door.  Not only does this respect our host's home, it is sure comfortable after being in ski boots all day.

Back to the crocs.  When I returned home I looked up the answer on my computer.  It amazed me that there was a long debate on the topic.  It seems like the verdict is pretty much evenly divided.  Below are the two opposite views representative of the discussion, plus a youtube video that gives the definitive answer in my opinion. 

  • Yes, they are edible. The shoes are supposedly 100% organic. If you boil them, you can eat em (I wouldn't try it though, unless you're starving out in the middle of nowhere and wearing crocs, then you should do that but...) 
  • Crocs are made from a material called PCCR. This is a blend of different materials that only Crocs makes, and is most likely a petroleum based foam. This means that Crocs footwear are not edible.  The Daily Green via

My final thought on the topic.  I will pass on Crocs for dinner and just continue enjoying them on my feet and not in my mouth.

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