Monday, January 3, 2011

Killington: Easy Come Easy Go

It is hard to believe a week ago we had over 14" of fresh powder from a blizzard that paralyzed much of the East Coast.  A few days of warm weather erased the snow from that storm.  I guess easy come, easy go, when it comes to natural snow.

Conclusion on Sunday after the thaw
Skiing on Sunday was very unusual.  The snow was soft, weather springlike, and the mountain empty.  A beautiful gift of a holiday weekend in January.  I think most people thought all the runs would look like Conclusion, buy many still had plenty of cover like on the Northridge area. 

Northridge area on Sunday

It was one of those days I planned on taking only a few runs, but a few runs turned into a half day.  It was my own private playground, and I didn't want to stop. 

Today, the temperatures were again cold enough for the snow elves to make snow.  The snow comes again, but with a little more work than when nature provided it. 

Snow replacement the snow elves
My friend Susie, stopped to thank a couple of elves we met on the trail for their efforts.    
Susie with Snow Elves


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