Sunday, January 23, 2011

Killington: Dew Tour

It has been a busy week and weekend here at Killington.  The much anticipated Dew Tour swept into town on Thursday. 

The preparation for this event started last summer with excavation for the base of the Olympic size half pipe on lower portion of the Superpipe and Dream Maker trails.  It is 3 football fields long and 22 feet high.  The snowmakers and groomers have been blowing and grooming snow since mid-December have it finished by this past week. 

The Snowboard Superpipe Finals and the Freeski Superpipe Finals were last night.  I watched the event both from my friend's living room whose window overlooks the halfpipe, and due to the 30 second delay until it was broadcast, I saw it again up close on TV.  It never ceases to amaze me the height and complexity of the jumps these young athletes can preform.

The freestyle slopestyle course is on the lower Skyeburst the next trail over.  The course consists of 3 rails and 3 huge jumps.  It is hard to gauge just how tall these jumps are, but I will estimate the last one is at least 3 stories high. 

The Ski and Snowboard Slopestyle Finals have been taking place all afternoon.  I have been watching from a distance out the window of a warm living room.  The finals will be broadcast later today on NBC from 4-6 pm.  Both events will be rebroadcast on USA and MTV if you would like to watch. 

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