Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Killington: Cooper's Cabin

Last Wednesday, I skied with my friends Steve and Cindy.  It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, no wind, and the tempts were just cold enough (around 25F) to keep the snow squeaky soft.  For most of the day, we just took it easy and enjoyed the beautifully groomed snow.

By mid-morning we were ready for a little adventure.  Steve suggested a detour under the ropes to Cooper's Cabin.  Cooper's Cabin is legendary at Killington.  It is a shelter on the Long Trail that isn't too far from Killington Peak, that doubles as a skier and boarder hangout in the winter.

I had always wanted to find Cooper's, since I heard about it 15 years ago.   I know better then to venture there without a "guide."  There are many stories of people who ventured to the cabin and got lost in the woods, or ended up many miles away on a Wheelerville Road with no way back. 

When Steve suggested the detour, I jumped at the chance to finally check it out.  It is about a half mile from the ski trail through the trees.  Since it only has a gentle grade we had to keep a little speed not to get stuck in the powder, as we twisted along the path and ducked to avoid low branches from the trees. 

The cabin is a small stone building.  We weren't the first to venture there that morning.  Inside a fellow skier was taking a break sitting on the bottom of one of the double bunk type platforms. 

After about a five minute rest, we headed back through the woods with Steve leading the way back to a Killington trail.  I think in the fall I will hike up the Long Trail by foot and check it out again.

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