Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wanders in Connecticut: Pennwood State Forest

Today was one of those rare November days in Connecticut.  The sun was shining, the air crisp, and I had the time to take a hike with a friend.  
View from Penwood State Park
Pennwood State Park

We decided to explore Pennwood State Forest and entered the park from Route 185 in Bloomfield.  We had the choice of two trails, a lower trail around Gale Pond or a higher trail that joined the Metacomet Trail.   The Metacomet Trail is a blue blaze hiking trail that follows the 50+ miles of the Metacomet Ridge across central Connecticut. 

We hiked the higher trail.  We could hear the leaves crinkle under our steps.  The skeleton of the bare trees contrasted the back drop of the blue sky opening up to the view of the Farmington Valley below.  There was a little stream rippling across the trail that disappeared over the steep ridgeline.  We took in the beauty of our surroundings, and by the end of the hike we felt our friendship and spirit replenished. 

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