Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seasonal Transition

This morning when I awoke thinking of my bike in the garage.  It is calling me for one last ride before I put away until spring.

Unfortunately it is another grey rainy day here in Connecticut.  I go online to check Killington's ski conditions, it is raining there too, at least I'm not missing a good day of skiing.  I am antsy.  I need a little fun and the high of an adrenaline rush to take my blues away.

I head out to the gym for a spin class, dressed like I am really going for a ride with my imagination fully engaged.  I when I get to class, I close my eyes and decide to take one of my favorites rides. 

It starts behind the Passiflora Tea Room in the center of New Hartford, passing Ski Sundown with a beautiful view of Lake McDonough on my left, all the time climbing with a few short dips in the road.  Then  I head west by the Saville Dam, turn south on the next road, over Holcomb Hill and back down to the center of New Hartford.  A pretty good ride for only an hour.  I walk out of class, drenched with perspiration, adrenaline pumping feeling like a junkie who just had a fix. 

When I get home, I see my bike, I say to myself yet again, time to put it away until spring.  I then spy my snowshoes hanging on the wall.  I smile knowing winter will be here very soon, well if not here, in Vermont, and I am counting the days until head back up.

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