Saturday, December 11, 2010

Killington: Race Week Day 5

This has been an awesome week, a little bruised from a couple of falls, but content.  I am not as exhausted tonight as I was mid-week, but then I called it a day by 2 PM instead of 3:30 PM.  The ski conditions on were just about as good as they get.  Today was cold in the morning (7 degrees at the bottom) then low 20's by afternoon, with no wind, sunshine and plenty of snow. 

Yesterday was the culmination of the week's activity with the GS Race on Bunny Buster, followed by the awards banquet in the evening.  Today we did a little free skiing and worked on slalom race skills.  It was fun skiing with the guys all week.  I feel like I have 8 new ski brothers. 

Our coach Steve O'Connor is one of the top ski instructors not only at Killington, but in the northeast.  After spending a week with him, I understand why he deserves that distinction.  His personalized instruction helped all of us improve our skiing both on the race course and the rest of the mountain.

Steve is in the burnt orange jacket in the photo below.  The photo was taken on the top of Superstar Lift on Skye Peak around 3:30 PM yesterday afternoon.  Not everyone is in the photo, a few of the guys had already gone in for the day.

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