Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Killington: Race Week Day 3

Today was another full day of skiing, 9AM -3:30PM, on Race Week day 3.  During my lunch break, I participated in the first Ski Bum Race of the season. 

Ski Bum races are ski races for Killington locals held on most Wednesdays during the season, and my motivation for the Race Week Clinic.  There are 2 levels of Ski Bum racers.  The serious A racers, today's top time was 24.3 seconds, then there are the B racers.  I finished 84th in the B group with the humble time of 39.99 seconds. 

Now I could be discouraged, especially since I have been working hard all week on my racing skills.  Instead am going to focus on my goal.  My goal is to improve a little each week, hopefully I'll have better times and ranking by the end of the season.  With an 84th ranking the bar is set pretty low, so I should be able to reach it.  Last year after my first race I ranked 11th for the B group, and somewhere near the bottom by the end of the season.

A big motivating factor for joining the Ski Bums is the weekly apres ski race parties sponsored by the local restaurants.  Today's was at the Lookout Bar and Grill.  At the party a video of the race is shown for your glory or not, lots of food, friends and a drawing for the days prizes. 

I would love to have taken photo's of the race for you today, but it was just too cold to take my gloves off.  I took a photo from the parking lot this morning on my way to the mountain.  Please note the blue sky to the left of Killington Peak.  A snow cloud (or Killington cloud) has been parked over the mountain all week, leaving over 20 inches of fresh snow since Sunday.

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