Sunday, December 19, 2010

Killington: Committment (or lack there of)

Yesterday was my first day skiing at Killington after a week's absence, still trying to shake off a cold.  I promised myself I would only ski a half day, but somehow I didn't want it to end.  I skied until 3 PM.  The sun was out, the wind was missing, and the snow was good.  Well at least under the guns the snow was good.  A little scraped off in other areas.

As I skied with my Adult Season Program (ASP), I noticed a commonality between my skiing and life.  Lately, I have been having real commitment issues.  I want to get involved in relationships, community, causes, but I am really hesitant to commit to any one thing. 

Saturday, while skiing bump or hard pack runs, if I was afraid and didn't  commit down the fall line, I would slide across the slope toward the woods out of balance and with very little edge control.  Frustrating, ineffective and not much fun.

When I committed myself to the mountain, by moving my body forward down the fall line, trusting my edges and using the skills I worked on during race week.  My skis turned with little effort and I stayed in control.  It was definitely more effective and fun.

I think life is the same way.  It is easy to wonder from one interest to the next without a commitment.  I know from past experience, without commitment life just sort of happens by default, like ending up in the woods.  I am not in control, life feels out of balance, and I waste a lot of energy.  Commitment puts me in charge, choices come naturally and my efforts are used effectively creating a better life experience.  I guess I do have one thing I am committed to this winter, skiing.

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