Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Killington Challenged!

I too have heard rumors on lifts and by friends that other Vermont ski areas have more open terrain.  Mt. Snow and Okemo to be specific.  I was reluctant to believe such hearsay.  I heard the challenge and responded accordingly, as any Killington Snob would.  So, I did a little research this morning.

Mt. Snow is close, but not quite.  Mt. Snow 305 acres vs. Killington 306 acres.  Okemo does have the most terrain open with 396 acres.  They sure must be blowing up a storm to have that many acres open.  I have to wonder about quality and the depth of the base…   Killington was the only resort that lists their base. 

I went to to find Mt. Snow and Okemo.  Upon investigation, there wasn't a significant difference in base depths.  I am thinking quality vs. quantity.  Killington will let you ski through the guns, in the whales of snow and soft bumps.  It is my understanding the other resorts, make you wait until the snow has been properly groomed.  I prefer the man made blizzards.   Am I reaching or what in defence of my home mountain. 

I think the bottom line on this debate - the best place to ski is where ever you are as long as you have sticks and snow under your feet.  It doesn’t matter how good it is somewhere else if you aren’t there.  There is the friend factor as well.   Sliding down the hill is always better with a friend.

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