Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you're home.  ~Carol Nelson

I am blessed with a loving family.  Even though I am divorced, my ex and I come together with the kids to celebrate the holidays.  It is like magic, for a few hours we are a family again. 

Today he is hosting the festivities at his home.  He just finished renovating an old Brownstone circa 1910.  It is his dream house; full of  character, history and even a ghost.  It's decked out for the holiday.  My daughter calls it the Christmas house.  One of those homes reminiscent of a home from one of her old American Girl books.

The guest list included the four of us, plus our son Iggy's girlfriend, Lauren's boyfriend, my mom and a few friends.  It was a pleasant evening.  I have to say I enjoyed not being allowed in the kitchen.  Lauren and her dad prepared and served the meal and then cleaned up.  What a refreshing change.  I can easily get used to this tradition.

When I depart from my ex's home, I am struck with the warmth I still feel for him.  He is now dear old friend with a long shared history, nice to visit and nice to say goodnight to as I leave for my own home content. 

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