Monday, November 22, 2010

Killington Wonder

After a pleasant morning skiing in the soft snow, it started to rain, and I decided it was time to head back home to Connecticut.  As I drove home I felt content.  You know that feeling.  The feeling you have after you have spent time with a dear old friend you hadn't seen in quite a while.  The time and distance spent apart disappears.  

The feeling reminds me of how good I felt after a trip to the Catskills to celebrate with an old friend, Sara, who had colon cancer. We celebrated life, she was cancer free and feeling great.  I felt her joy long after we parted.

Ok, does it sound strange that I feel that way about a mountain?  It is more then just a place to me.  Killington is about expressing my passion.  It is the endorphin rush I get schussing down the hill, the beauty and fresh air of the mountains, the laid back Vermont lifestyle and the friendships. It is the tonic for my heart and soul.  In the past, I would begin to tense up and feel stressed again when I left.  Not today.  I brought that feeling back with me.  Just like the joy I felt after my visit with Sara.

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