Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harmony: Prince Charles film on the Environment

As if you couldn't tell by now, I am passionate about the environment.  I love to be outside and appreciate natures many gifts.  Last night as I was flipping through TV channels, I came across Brian Williams interview with Prince Charles on Dateline NBC.  I usually don't watch Dateline, nor am I a big Royal follower, but there wasn't really anything on so I turned it on.

I am now a fan of the Prince. I learned he has been a champion of the environment for the past 30 years, long before Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth."   He describes himself as the "defender of nature."   Actually he sounds like part of the local Green Party here in Vermont, instead of the next in line to be King of England.

During the interview I learned he has made two films on the environment.  The first one in 1990, "Earth in Balance... A Personal View of the Environment," and a second, that aired as a short version, last night on NBC  "Harmony."  The Prince is a proponent sustainability practices like organic farming and other in industry.  He says this not only protects our environment but makes financial, health, and aesthetic sense.  On the program, they showed his sustainable organic gardens at his castle in Scotland.  The flowers and vegetables were huge and colorful. His livestock looked healthy.

I have to admit he and I have very similar views on balance, harmony, and man's responsibility to be a good shepherd to our earth.  If you share this view, please check out "Harmony."

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