Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Feeling Middle-Aged

Today I truly felt middle-aged.  It started at my yoga class this morning.  I was really trying to keep my head clear and be "in the moment".  But as I was doing downward dog, my t-shirt creeped up, and my once perky tummy skin was doing downward dog as well.  Age and a couple of babies did take its toll.  So much for being in the moment.

After yoga I took my 88 year old mom to the doctor.  It was her second and third appointments in two days.  It dawned on me middle-age meant the responsibilities of a good mother, were now that of a good daughter. I am her driver, her advocate at the doctor, her laundress, accountant, personal shopper, personal caregiver when needed.  I look at her, and I see someone who despite her physical limitations has finally found a confidence I had never seen in her before.

She was widowed 10 years ago and moved out of her home of 40 years, away from her sisters to be near her daughters.  Up until that point of her life her friends were always her family, and she never described herself as healthy. 

In the process of moving, she has grown immensely as a person.  She has made friends, and she has had many new experiences.  It warms my heart to see her as she walks through her senior community with a bounty of friends.  Now she looks around her community, realizes her good fortunes and says she is in good shape for 88.

I had one last middle-age realization today.  It was a profound appreciation of my mother's ability, even in her 80's, to successfully acclimate to a new life, to find her own voice.

Please share your middle-age realizations?

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