Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Evening Muse: Girlfriends

Today was one of those dreary, grey November days full of mundane chores and post holiday blues.  The bright spot of my day was dinner with my BFFE Lori.  There is nothing like a good friend to brighten my day.  We are there for each other like sisters.  We share our good times and our bad.  We give each other council, support, and loving kindness.  I know she will always have my back.

As I wrote this I remembered a greeting card quote I read in a card shop, "A Girlfriend Is a Sister You Choose."  I looked it up on line and found out it is the title of a book by Angela Joshi.  I haven't read the book but I agree with the title.  I am very blessed to have a biological sister, Lori my BFFE, and many mutually chosen sisters.

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