Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beautiful Killington Ski Day

My wanders for the day brought me to the beautiful peak of Killington Mountain.  There was plenty snow up top, and the sun was shining.  Today was ski day 4 for me.  I met up with my friends on the mountain.   We enjoyed watching the Killington Mountain School training for racing season.  The KMS team, as always, was fun and inspiring to watch.  They have put out many fantastic skiers.  Last year two of their alumni made it to the Olympics, Chelsea Marshall and Michael Morse. 

After four hours of nonstop skiing I was tired, hungry, and it was time to get back down to the base lodge.  As I said there is plenty of snow up top, but there is little to none from midway to the bottom of the mountain. 

That means to get off the mountain we needed to ride the chairlift to the top, walk up the "Stairway to Heaven" to get to the the top of the K1 Gondola to download to the base lodge.  I try to think of it as just a little additional early season training.

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